Friday, July 31, 2009

Budweiser Commercial

1. The commercial starts off with a picture of Scotland and a narrator. They show Clydesdale horses so you automatically know it's the Budweiser horse. It's cute, the way they make the horse seem human (example: horse on boat with people to go to america). People watching will say "aww" and laugh.

2. You can automatically know it's a Budweiser horse because Clydesdale horses were used to pull Budweiser carriages. They make the Budweiser horses look intense and very superior and the carriage is bright and eye catching.

3. The target audience are people starting from teens to any age. It's an alcoholic beverage that is not portrayed as girly, young, manly or old. You don't know what the product is until the very end where they show the logo and slogan of Budweiser.

4. There's nothing urgency-stressing about the commerical. It's a calm commerical from the scottish music and clips of the parts in the horse's heritage as he tells it.

5. The ad is not about the consumer product at all really. It is a "feel good" ad, because it's cute and entertaining. Everyone will enjoy it after watching it although it doesnt trigger them to want the product... but maybe a Clydesdale horse.

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